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The moto for Nickipedia is "Learn By Doing". This entire YouTube channel is dedicated to those words. In this popular-science or "pop science" video series we focus of DIY's, Science Experiments, and any topic related to learning by building, traveling, creating, or doing. This particular series is actually a great reflection of my life in general. I love learning and I love doing. I think the best way to truly learn is to roll up your sleeves, jump on in and make mistakes along the way. It's through this hands-on process that we really make connections with the world around us. Combining my passion for creating video content with my love for learning has cultivated the YouTube channel "Nickipedia"! Please take a minute to watch some of the videos and learn about new topics with me! 


Liquid Sand Pool

Deep Voice Gas

Foam Glider Off A HUGE Mountain​

Egg In Crystal Clear Pepsi for ONE YEAR

Indonesian Blue Fire: Volcanic Crater of Ijen

Komodo Dragons: Worlds Largest Lizard

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