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Nick Uhas + Science

Nick created a science-focused YouTube channel in 2013 inspired by his love for learning how things work as well as his formal education in the sciences. You can find his channel here: 


The motto for the channel is "Learn By Doing". This entire YouTube channel is dedicated to those words. In this popular-science or "pop science" video series Nick focuses on DIY's, Science Experiments, and any topic related to learning by building, traveling, creating, or doing.


"This particular series is actually a great reflection of my life in general. I love learning and I love doing. I think the best way to truly learn is to roll up your sleeves, jump on in and make mistakes along the way. It's through this hands-on process that we really make connections with the world around us. Combining my passion for creating video content with my love for learning has cultivated the YouTube channel! Please take a minute to watch some of the videos and learn about new topics with me!"     -Nick Uhas-


Liquid Sand Pool

Elephant Toothpaste 

Giant Paper Airplane off a Mountain

Egg In Crystal Clear Pepsi for ONE YEAR

Indonesian Blue Fire: Volcanic Crater of Ijen

Komodo Dragons: Worlds Largest Lizard

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