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Netflix's "Blown Away" Season 2 


After a very well-received Season 1 of Netflix's "Blown Away", season 2 premiered in January of 2021.  


Nick comes to Netflix with the first show ever to combine competition reality and Glass Blowing! 


Earlier this summer Nick hosted Season 1 of the first show ever to combine glass blowing and competition reality called, Blown Away. In the series, there are 10 competitors working toward the goal of a $60,000 prize package that includes a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. Nick was specifically chosen for this role because of his DIY/Science YouTube background and experience with reality TV. 


Nick Uhas on Americas Got Talent


After appearing on NBC's Today Show 7 times, Nick Uhas was asked to participate in the 12th season of America's Got Talent! He received a "YES" from all 4 judges in the first round. After the show aired Nick created a live stage show from his experience on AGT which can be found at 


In this live stage show, Nick performs all of his most popular experiments as an interactive show where the audience participates in each experiment! 


Nick Uhas on NBC's TODAY Show! 


The mad scientist strikes again! After shocking the TODAY anchors last year, YouTube star Nick Uhas returned to the plaza on Wednesday with more daring feats of science that blew our TODAY team away.


NBC has quoted Nick Uhas as the "Coolest Guest Ever". After perfmorning three amazing experiments taken from Nickipedia youtube videos, Nick's segment went viral on NBC's own home page. Check out the full story and video below: 


Editor’s Picks

‘Unbelievable!’ Watch the voice-changing science trick that cracked us up

Everybody knows that inhaling helium will give you a comically high voice, but YouTube science guru Nick Uhas shows the TODAY anchors another gas that does just the opposite – and the results are epic. The anchors also learn how to make a reverse icicle as “Wow Me Week” gets off to an uproarious start.





Nick Uhas on The Doctor Oz Show!

After seeing Nick on NBC's Today show Dr.Oz's team reached out to to film two segments in studio to bust popular health myths. Nick also hosted and produced two of the topics in the segment that aired on Dr.Oz. Those segments can be seen on Nick's youtube channel

Nick Uhas Hosts New Show on FOX, FabLab!

Nick Uhas started hosting a new show focused on Science, Tech and Innovation called FabLab. The show revolves around stories geared towards STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math). You can watch the show on FOX affiliates nation wide on Saturday mornings! 


check out for more information! 

Host and Producer of The Weather Channels' science show "BrainStorm", Nick Uhas has "Icicles of Death" video go viral



Host and producer Nick Uhas has a video go viral on The Weather Channels' Facebook page amasing over 550,000 views. The episode focuses on the dangers of falling icicles and calculates the amount of force an icicle can create from falling just 30 feet. The episode shows slow motion of icicles 40 inches long piercing car windshields, coco-nuts and a shingled roof. 

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